Count Here


So, what can you do?

Make your actions count!

Pick one or more of the activities below, do it, and then let us know how you get on using the hashtag #CountOnMe. Each activity has a numerical value attached to it representing the amount of CO2 equivalent you could be saving over a year. Click on an image for more information on each activity.

To see that your choices do have a positive effect, you need to be counted.


Clean Energy-09CarTurn downMeatLightbulbsHolidayGrowCut downBike

Leave a reply on the ‘Choose What to Count’ pages or comment on the Facebook posts, tweet us or go to the contact page. Your CO2 savings will then be added to the collective Bournemouth Carbon Counter.

For more information on how to be counted – take a look at how to Make your actions count

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

If you are interested in calculating your own carbon footprint you can try the following websites.

For an in depth look at your personal footprint try the Resurgence Quick Calculator

For an easy to use slider option see the Guardian Interactive Calculator

And if you want to know how many planets you are using try the Global Footprint Calculator